Property is still the Best Investment in any Economic Climate!

You just need to know what to look for and how to go about it! For this reason, Martin has helped create a training course, based on his best selling book “Making Money from Property”, that will put you in the best possible position to benefit from property investment. From spotting bargains and the hints and tips of buying at auction, to negotiating finance and running a successful portfolio. The market is on the move. Act now to make sure you don’t ‘Miss the Boat’.

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Although Martin will not attend in person, professional property experts and mentors will introduce you to an invaluable range of property related topics that could include:

  • Buying at auction (obviously!!), including all the tricks of the trade
  • How to find the right location and the best types of property
  • Rental and capital growth strategies and how to maximise your profits
  • Raising the finance and creative deal structuring
  • Negotiating the best deals in all market conditions
  • Structuring your business effectively and much, much more!

Free Gift For All Who Attend!

The Home Truth About Property Investment – An essential guide for anyone interested in using property as a vehicle to achieve more free time, money and financial security.

Basic Training

These intensive, fast-paced 3-day trainings are held weekly in major cities all across the world. They are specifically designed to help property investment beginners as well as those who have made a few investments but are looking for ways to increase their skills.

  • The Ingredients for Success in Property
  • Sources of Money to Fund Your Investments
  • Developing the Mindset of the Rich
  • Locating Deals in the ‘Hidden Market’
  • Creating Multiple Sources of Cash Flow

Our Legacy Education Training Team will also walk you through the creation of your own personal ACTION PLAN to help you overcome your fears and begin building your investment portfolio.

Elite Training

The truly successful know that knowledge is not a destination. It is a lifelong journey. At Making Money From Property (MMFP),  we offer our Elite Training courses for investors and entrepreneurs who are interested in making that journey.

Making Money from Property offers an unmatched selection of Elite Trainings across the fields of property investing, stock and financial instruments investing, and entrepreneurship – guided by our Elite Training Team. Each of our talented trainers, mentors and coaches has been selected because he or she possesses practical, hands-on experience in their areas of expertise.

Plus, our Martin Roberts Student Support Services will work with you to help you select the Elite Training courses that best meet your goals as well as a course schedule that fits your lifestyle.

Elite Trainings from MMFP are designed to help you add to, refine, and strengthen your cash flow generating skills so that you can reach your maximum income-generating potential.

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